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Friday, October 9, 2020

You need an investment for your business, just ask for it and withdraw it in mintme, ethereum or bitcoins

IF you are an artist, content creator, you have a company created, you have a great idea, an internet business entrepreneur, webmaster or you have an idea or a project already made for sale. Solicit thousands of investors linked to the Mintme network and receive investment capital instantly in digital currencies such as mintme, ethereum or bitcoins.

Large investors are always waiting for new projects, so if your project is good you will get investment quickly and easily. Get ready to show your worth.


This investment platform similar to Wall Street online allows you to value your business effectively and without much return. With the easy way to move (Withdraw or Enter) securities easily and at no cost, it allows thousands of investors to easily buy shares in your business. To corroborate the operation you have to see it and find out everything. So cheer up, your business can be a gold mine and you still don't know it.


To culminate, I will give you the example of my business: I uploaded entertaining fun or free internet games online with real gifts for the people who play the most, such as Netflix accounts, amazon or prizes in gift cards etc. Casino free. I put it on the mint market and I have several interested in becoming shareholders. Thus getting the money to improve my platform. If this information has been helpful to you, you can donate me to my mintme account. I hope you like this information and good luck with your projects and business.